Kaho Phir Kiya Kia Jaye

Kaho phir kya kiya jaye
Mujhe tum achi lagti ho
Tumhen main acha lagta hon

Kaho Phir kya kiya jaye
Tumhari jagmagati, Muskurati,
Geet gati, Dil ruba Aankhen
Buhat gehri Badi qatil nihayat
Kushnuma Aankhen
Mere Dil se meri Be’tabiyon se
Khelti Aankhen
Khamoshi ki zuban main
mujh se kya kuch Bolti Aankhen
Bazahir Doston main Khil-khilati
Chor Nazron se mujhe Muskurati
Aawaz deti Dhunti Aankhen
wo meri Rouh K Rukhsar ko
ek faasle Chumti Aankhen
Ye sab Baten btati hain
Main tum ko Acha lagta hon
wo mere Zabth Kho Denay
pe Pemaish bhari Nazren
Ada-e-be’niazi ka wo ek
naa-kaam sa manzar
wo ek Kamzor si be’ittifaqui
be’rukhi k sir pe ek
Mohoom se khuwahish
Mujhe han, mujhe
yun hi Nazar andaz
karne ki wo ek
Dil Chusp si koshish
Sar-e-Mehfil tumhara Raaz
Khul jane k Dar se
Be’irada gher ehem Logon se
Rasm-e-guftogu karna
Ye sab Baten btati hain
Tumhen main Acha lagta hon
kaho phir iya kiya jaye?
Mere be’sakhta fikre
mere Lehjay ki har Shokhi
Mera har waqt har ek Simt
tum ko Dhundte rehna
Nazar parte hi tum par
Zoor se Dil ka Dharak uthna
Ye sab baten btati hain
Mujhe tum Achi lagti ho
Tumhen main Acha lagta hon
Kaho phir kya kiya jaye?
Hamare Darmiyan Rasmon, Riwajon ka
Samaji martabe ka Umr ka aur Khandanon ka
Buht gehra khala hai
Usay Kaise, Kaise, Kaise pur kiya jaye?
Kaho phir kya kiya jaye?
Kaho phir kya kiya jaye?


Why WordPress is Best Platform for Blogging

Blogging, as most online advertisers have studied, is a number one necessity. Current content promoting trumps pay per click promotion, helps improve social media introduction, and trips item page rankings. Picking the most effective blogging stage, in any case, is a great first step.


Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Quora, and different stages miss the point of WordPress. Not just are free on WordPress, the stage is exceptionally adaptable, practical, and simple to use for non-tech-canny bloggers and advertisers.

Why WordPress Wins

WordPress streamlines a considerable measure of complex promoting systems. Website improvement, for instance, is frequently misjudged or over-used (which accelerates Google page ranking penalties) by promotions. If you’re encountered in SEO or not, WordPress is legitimate enough to help any site accomplish its most extreme potential. WordPress is even supported by Google, a megalithic substance that is commonly against all things SEO.

SEO identifies with keywords words. Keywords words are the way individuals find data on the Web, and today that information is typically grabbed through web bloggers. WordPress permits clients to transfer their posts and actualize backend SEO without a cerebral pain. It’s all dependent upon catchphrases, as specified, and uncovering those watchwords enormously impacts the points essayists compose about

With Google Hummingbird, the web crawler most up to date algorithm, Web surfers have the ability to recover semantic indexed lists. This means expresses like, “Where would I be able to uncover an outlet shopping center in my general vicinity?” are simpler to scan for than, “Outlet shopping centers in San Francisco.” This is connected to Google’s push for voice-actuated seeking, and pivotal words play a major role here.

Writers need to find keywords that are mainstream, auspicious, and embody the motivation behind the web blog and the business thinking of it. When you’re chasing for points, think about looking at what the rivalry is blogging about, utilizing past investigative data to perceive how old web blogs performed, and even Google potential subjects to perceive how different web journals rank. The thought is to find magic words that Web clients will singe.

Other than SEO, WordPress makes content simple. The most effective blogging stage doesn’t oblige advertisers to comprehend HTML or Web-altering devices. Rather, authors can utilize WordPress’ inherent apparatuses for making captivating and unique pages. The same strives for enlargements (plugins, subjects, and so forth.). The stage has many premade plans for a base cost.

WordPress likewise has unparalleled support. The online blog organization’s designer and uphold staff have the capacity to help you attempt new things on the stage and expand a site’s correct potential. Believe it or not, WordPress is made for sharing.

Sharing the News

With Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, and other tie-ins, user can effortlessly impart their posts through various social media channels. With implicit plugins for auto-imparting and enjoying, all bloggers need to do is compose captivating substance that bookworms need to push.

Something bloggers might as well remember is Google Authorship. Since Google started Hummingbird, the web index has started to advertise Google+ creators with web journals. You can attach your sites to your Google+, which expands the probability of them appearing on web search tool result pages. The point when a searcher clicks your origin profile, he or she is controlled to an index of different online journals you have composed (which is an incredible approach to keep the sum of your business-based websites in one place).


Yes ! the most influential blogging platform is free. There are pay-for-administration choices, however new bloggers don’t need to stress over being charged for anything. The stage is additionally greatly simple to study how to utilize and advance. More regularly than not, organizations straightforwardly interface their made substance to their sites. With plugins, it is easy to keep destinations redesigned with crisp website content specifically from Wordperss